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Apart from a classic 4-door sedan, an S-type estate model is under consideration as well as a cross over derivation in Audi Allroad Quattro style.

Conservative enthusiasts may object that it doesn't go with the brand - on the other hand it seems the chiefs in Detroit consider such aspects more than before - A change of mind that will do good, we hope.

In an interview, product development boss of Ford Of Europe, Parry Jones, recently said that it is intended to occupy gaps in the market instead of rivalling Mercedes and BMW directly. A very wise decision and exactly what we suggest since the very start of our magazine.

Only problem, especially Mercedes has filled almost each niche by now. With regard to the next X-type, Mr Jones explained what the new policy could mean.

Jaguar R-D6 - headlamp detail

The X-type doesn't necessarily have to be a 4-door sedan again, he said. Less official but more detailed are information from insiders. Three options currently exist on the desktops of the Jaguar design department.

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