Jaguar R-D6 (right-front view from above) - THIS CONCEPT IS A VERY GOOD APPROACH TO A COMPACT JAGUAR

Jag Of
All Trades?

this were our 2003's
criticisms concern-
ing Jaguar's model
policy click..!

Besides a coupe and a convertible, also a Shooting Brake is taken into account. Just a moment, please. Could it happen that Mr Jones is a reader of our magazine?

Not only he proclaims our suggested niche strategy that aims at avoiding direct competition with the Germans, also an X-type Shooting Brake was introduced as the better option by us - even before the recent X-type Estate was out.

The downside of the issue is that the realisation of a further X-generation is un-
certain as the economic situation ain't all too favourable for the baby Jag. The gap in the market between the cheaper Alfa 156 and the perfecter 3-series doesn't seem large enough to launch a Jag profitably in it.

Especially because there also are other renowned offers covering almost each possible combination of a Jag's attributes. Nonetheless, a compact option that compares to nothing by its look could make impact, we think.

Jaguar R-D6 - rear-right view

The concept car R-D6 is a great approach to this idea. And because we always said what we would do differently, we dare a few recommendations regarding the ideal future line-up of Jaguar at the next page.

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