Jaguar's plans concerning luxurious cars are fixed and there isn't much wrong in them. Means, the XK and XJ series are okay. One class lower, the predatory cat doesn't come to grip with the grown Teutonic carnivores but making the better CLS would meet Jaguar's image very well. Says, an S-type sedan that clearly focuses on Mercedes' so called 4-door coupe would reduce the number of rivals to a rate truly appropriate to Jag's uniqueness.

Those who want a little more head room at the back could be served by a Shooting Brake option. Estate body and two doors, plus an innovative opening solution to make entering back seats easier could suggest even progression and a touch of practicability. Town and country fans could love the considered crossover model on the same basis.

At first sight, this concept doesn't go with Jaguar but without any grey plastic trim, much chrome, a sophisticated air suspension and solid aluminium underfloor protection plates, together with a very noble interior, it may find lovers though. Ideally fitted with an individual body, it could appear as a further model line, not just as a rose S-type. Most awkward issue is launching cars in segments lower than upper middle class.

Our ideal choice here would be a mid-size 2-door hot hatch - the Jag for the urban use. But, 4 doors in style of the RD-6 concept would be great as well. Features such as engines of at least 6 cylinders, acceleration rates better than that of a standard GTI, fully equipped and more noble than any R36 or M1 ever can be could make it a real Jaguar, despite of its size. Yes, this doesn't enable mass, but profit, maybe.

To reduce costs, a roadster model should share platform with the super compact Jag. Having the same interior but an individual body, the two seater would perfectly round range off. That's pretty close to the strategy of BMW that had offered the roadster Z3 and a coupe version of it once, giving up this idea later. In the case of Jaguar, it maybe works much better, perhaps at least not quit as disastrous as the recent attempt with the X-type.

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