VW Phaeton by JE Design - grille insert
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Tuner JE Design, a company that also deals with high-end luxury cars such as the Audi A8, offers two new items for the VW Phaeton although Volkswagen's luxury liner doesn't sell well on all markets. As it also is a conservative sedan in look and design, it isn't a typical tuning car. All the more it sticks out when being jazzed up.


Grille Insert
For those who intend to do such things with their Phaeton, JE Design now has a new grille insert without badge available, which removes much of the sedan's front's Volkswagen-look, not only as a result of the missing logo - it also appears less like a Passat with this grille.

V-max Release
On the engine sector, VW offers appropriate aggregates but the speed limiter restricts top speed to 250kmh, as usual. JE offers a v-max override facility for all who consider to extend their Phaeton tuning project to the motor. Sure, turning the top-of-the-range Veedub into an attention getter takes much more than these two things. We just want you to know them - just in case.

Website: www.JE-Design.de

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