As German readers of British car mag-
azines, we knew Kahn as a brand for phat alloy wheels. But the
company from Bradford is also dealing with tuning for vehicles from Land Rover.

However their philosophy is nothing new for us. Concerning this, the press release of the firm says: "Project Kahn is not about being 'Fast and Furious' or 'race - tuning' it is about being 'chic and sophisticated'". And what we have seen from them so far is not not only proving this but also reminding us of the style we know from our home country.

Because contained yet striking modifications have been a speciality of German tuners in the past years. Some of them changed their style a bit to international linkings. But refining auto- mobiles in accordance with the so-called 'German Style' still enjoys great popularity all over the world. Project Kahn serves those who want to get their Landy enhanced like this.

For that purpose, the company from Land Rover's home country is offering a wide variety of add-on parts, in addition to tinted windows, exhaust systems and performance upgrades. And of course, also fine wheels are gettable for these vehicles at Bradford, England. Rims of up to 22inch can be ordered for several Landy models there. Since Project Kahn have announced the introduction of some new things for next month, we're going to report on them soon again.

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