engine start button

Kahn Design are proud to announce the introduction of their 'Engine Push Start System' for the Range Rover Sport. The most advantageous element to this system is the added security it offers to the vehicle owner. The actual start button is installed in a very inconspicuous position which drastically reduces the threat of theft. This gives the owner an extra added piece of mind.

This system also adds to the features of the car. A push start system is an extra that is normally only found on racing and high performance cars. Therefore a push start system adds an extra element of style and exclusivity to the Range Rover Sport.

The push start system is wired directly into the cars ignition system. Therefore the system works simply by witching on the ignition and then pressing the engine start button.

The system will retail at 650+vat (price includes fitting). For sales enquiries or more information contact Kahn Design on 01274 749999.

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