Mercedes SL equipped with Kleemann's elaborate scissor door mechanism


Extra bass for
the Mercedes SL
by Mr dB Design

To be kept in mind, Kleemann permanently launches new things. After squeezing 739hp out of the engines of the AMG 65 models, the Mercedes tuner now presents its own new type scissor doors for the SL. And the firm has put technical sophistication into the new construction. You guess, there is much more than an ordinary hinge mechanism now. Also the operation by the press of a button would just be too simple to set something remarkable against the highly-reputed competitors from the mighty neighbour at the south, Germany. That is why the Kleemann Scissor Door system uses a unique two-axis hinge mechanism. An electronic signal is sent to a processor in a hydraulic station and the appropriate process takes place to open the door.

The process is entirely automated: The door first moves outward 80 mm, and then swings up in an arc, hence the name "Scissor". A generous opening allows easy access to the vehicle. The opening procedure requires only ten seconds from start to finish. To close the door simply press the button located on the bottom edge of the door, within easy reach of a seated position, and the process reverses itself. Over centre cam action "closer aid" insures that the door is positively closed. None of the vehicles structure is compromised, neither in the A pillars nor door, the crash integrity of the vehicle is left intact. Kleemann paid great attention to the aesthetics of the opening process itself, to simply swing the door forward on a single plane is too cold and simple.

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