Mercedes SL equipped with Kleemann's elaborate scissor door mechanism


Extra bass for
the Mercedes SL
by Mr dB Design

Drawing from nature, a compound path was developed that mimics a bird's wing in flight. As the door swings up and forward the outer edge of the door folds outward, an elegant and sublime detail. But detractors might have associations with the opening procedure of a public-transport bus when the doors move away from the body. But it's exactly that kind of unusual gimmick standing out of the Teutonic Benz tuners needs. Sure, Brabus', Carlsson's and Lorinser's customer do necessarily not fall for each feature known from the tuning supermarket, even when being as impressively realised as this one. On the other hand, those who love details like that will see about products of the tuner from North Europe - then ordering things at Kleemann which also would have been available in Mercedes' home country.

Currently, they seem to be the closest and most promising follower of the Benz tuning premier league's big names - on their very own way. Being a tad extremer and sometimes less unobtrusive than the Germans, the Danes often come up with astute details to compensate downsides. In case of their second generation scissor doors, the elaborate mechanism adds finesse to a thing that is currently becoming a wide-spread feature on flashy rides made by teens and twens to show off in the city but, the Danish version is less ordinary and sophisticated enough to earn not only attention but recognition, which makes it clubbable.

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