Volvo's V50 is an interesting option to the stylish German wagons of the middle class. Especially as the Swedish car maker has a good reputation. And the cars's body is one of personality. More than sportiness, safety and reliability are amongst Volvo's core values. Nonetheless, in the last decades, the Swedes attempted to cover this trait too.
Volvo V50 by KW Automotive - left-front view
Finally they weren't as successful as Audi and BMW. For those who prefer their own V50 more sportive though, KW Automotive offers a coil over suspension from high-grade steel. The company's products are known for superior quality, even though radical tuning - says extreme lowerings - had caused a few problems and thus unsatisfied customers in the last time.

KW has often offered obliging solutions, just to preserve its excellent reputation since thread chassis of the company are said to be the best money can buy. Customer's who take an adjustable lowering from KW for the V50 won't certainly be amongst those disappointed about any trouble as a result of extreme set-ups, as the lowering range of the coil over suspension ranges from 25-50mm only.

Nevertheless, these are truly noticeable rates. And, infinitely adjustable rebound damping allows varying road behaviour and comfort of the car. Altogether this lowering may be supposed to match the car perfectly. It's variable, solid and there also is no rust awaited, thanks to the use of stainless steel. Good reasons to take it into account - if a sportive interpretation of ones Volvo is of any interest.

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