LSDSL - LAMBO STYLE DOORS FOR THE MERCEDES SL (Mercedes SL with Lambo Style Doors - rear-right view)

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Mercedes SL by Kleemann with electrically operated scissor door mechanism

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electrically oper-
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Find out if LSD has scissor doors for your ride too

The specialist for aftermarket scissor door systems LSD has such doors available for the Mercedes SL from now. This kind of entry system actually goes with the big Mercedes but, it is truly outshone by the electrically operated version of the Danish Mercedes tuner Kleemann. On the luxury Benz, this one just is the cooler option.

At this year's motor show at Leipzig, scissor doors from LSD mounted to a Golf Mk V were shown at the stand of the local tuner DE Motorsport and the interest in the unusual opening mechanism was huge. Not only young tuning freaks were keen on learning more about the gadget, many seniors also asked how much their cars' rebuilding would be.

On a Volkswagen, the manual operation is okay but an SL should have something exalted. Yes, the Murcielago's doors are hand-operated too and it's no shame that the driver has to use his muscles when entering a sports car. However, the existence of a better option makes it discussable when it comes to the state-of-the-art Mercedes.

Mercedes SL with Lambo Style Doors - front detail

Unless, you understand it as a real roadster. But then, aircon, power windows, satnav and few other things should be thrown out. Finally it's customer's choice and so we link to the website of the company at the right. Just as a wallpaper of the LSD SL justifies this article - though we not necessarily agree to the offer - in this special case.