Bentley Continental GT by Mansory - interior view

=== MANSORY ===
Bentley's heavy luxury coupe Continental GT goes down very well. And the success of it is particularly compensating Volkswagen's losses caused by the Phaeton, as the British luxury Grand Torismo shares many parts with the big Veedub.

Maybe that's the reason why Volkswagen turned out not amused about a company that offers refining for the Continental GT. But even a juristic endeavour against the tuner hadn't changed much. The Bentley refiner Mansory is now obliged to point out that their business relates to modi-
fying customer's
cars only.

Bentley Continental GT by Mansory - right-front view from above

More interesting than Wolfsburg's
questionable success is Mansory's range. A body kit visually adds more mass to the mighty GT body, whilst this can be equalized by a set of 20inch alloy wheels. Being 9inch wide, tyres of a width of up to 275mm can be fitted to the rims.

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