Bentley Continental GT by Mansory - engine

The customiser's seven spoke wheel is plain in style, admitted-
ly. Not that a Bentley should be pepped up by baroquely-
shaped options, but some might prefer a more sophisticated alternative, especially as most standard rims look simple yet fairly good. Nevertheless they would appear too small in diameter when the full body kit is attached.

And the tuner's lowering by sports air suspension would make them appearing even smaller. A further device which suggests the use of larger wheels is a high-performance braking system which makes sense when Mansory's electronic engineering package is on board.

That means a power of 630hp instead of 560 as standard. Maximum torque is 750Nm at 1600rpm. This performance upgrade enables the Bentley coupe to manage a standard sprint in 4.5 seconds and to out-accelerate AMG's evo models as it's unlimited. So it reaches a top speed of 327kmh.

=== MANSORY ===
Bentley Continental GT by Mansory - left-rear view

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