Bentley Continental GT by Mansory - illuminated sill plates
Illuminated stainless
steel sill plates are - not quite
literally - a further highlight. Sports steering
wheels and polished aluminium pedals are offered by
the company from Brand, Bavaria, to make piloting a Continetal GT refined by Mansory even more individual and unique.

Bentley Continental GT by Mansory - interior view including backrests

This doubtlessly goes for the interior as Nappa leather trim of all thinkable colours is available. By the way, that applies for the rims as well. Not only a chromium option is gettable at the tuner, they also can be ordered individually painted.

Altogether Mansory's range for the Continental GT is pretty complete. A rear spoiler and exhaust components only lack in this text up to here, not in the shelves of the Bentley specialist. For more information click in the logo below:

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