Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren by Brabus - front-right view
Super McMerc

After a few remarkable newnesses from Brabus' competitors, the tuner now presents what the others don't dare: A tuned Mercedes SLR McLaren. On the other hand, no other tuner [ except of AMG ] is as closely linked with the Mercedes Car Group as the luxury refiner from Bottrop, Germany.

By 660hp mean's, achieved by a special fuel cooling, special crankshafts and an exhaust system that only may be used for racing, the tuned McMerc manages a 0-100kph sprint in 3.6 seconds. 340kph is top speed here - a pace surely not drivable in public road traffic.

Generating downforce is the job of a front spoiler made from carbon as well as a diffusor of the same material at the rear. Further modifications such as of the suspension are made to improve road manners at high speeds, whilst a special self-locking differential enhances traction and thus, acceleration.

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