dashboard views: Mercedes Benz S-class, BMW 7-series, Audi A8

Mercedes Benz S-class
The race is on. Who makes the best luxury salon? We asked this question a few month ago and Audi shaped up as winner of the national competition.

But it was clear that the German contenders will improve their performance to defeat the climber from Ingolstadt.

BMW have comprehensively revised their Seven and Mercedes sign up with a completely new S-class this time.

So the time has come to have a look at the outcomes of this year's championship in the German press.

Is the new upper class sedan from Stuttgart good enough to defeat the rivals from Bavaria?

Or will the refreshed 7-series turn out fit enough to surpass the former champions? Here comes the review click..!

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Someone is missing in the German championship, Volkswagen also want to join with their Phaeton. It might be a decent car however the national press ignores the VW when it comes to competitions like that.

On the other hand, previous tests had shown that there are some more shortcomings with the outsider from Wolfsburg than just a lack in prestige. Seems no one is anticipating a victory of the Veedub - and so it may not join the premier league for upper-class sedans.