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Welcome to our Roadster Special

After a long time yearning for sun, we now take the chance and have a summer recess. Won't go off line with, but prefer to focus on the star that gratifies our desire for warmth and light, and devote to roadsters in the summer time. Attention will be mainly directed to vehicles which are roadsters in terms of the original definition, less to modern cabrio-coupes.

However, they won't be left out but real driving machines will be emphasised [ such as the one on the photo that's soon to be introduced here ]. Sadly, we also have to say good bye to two real roadster models this year, and we will. More pleasing could be a few test drives we contemplate, in addition to usual reports and commentaries.

The news section won't be affected by that editorial changes but the rest is going to deal with fast, stylish, racy and rakish 2-seaters only. These articles will be available via the cover story image on the contents page. When we'll be back? Please don't remember us of the end, we don't know! In any case not before the summer is over!

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