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Just For Fun - Lotus Circuit Car

Less weight not only betters weight/power ratio but agility. Being made according to that approach, Lotus cars are amongst the most rakish ones money can buy. The roadster Elise is a good example of that, however legal requirements and customers' needs bring about some extra weight. With the Circuit Car, driving pleasure without such compromises is intended to be offered by the British sports car maker soon. Basis for that is the Elise, but the vehicle is lacking much of the road-legal car's kilos.

To power the track car, two engine options are destined. Both are predicted to accelerate the Lotus racer that's weighing in at round 600kg in under 4 seconds to 100kmh. Having a passenger on board might increase this rate but only the driver's seat is standard, which is to say those who want to be accompanied during their rounds have to invest on the optional passenger's seat before. On the other hand, it's a stunner from outside too. Looks definitely more exciting than any other Lotus car - though most will get some raggery.

As it is made just for the use on race tracks, the Circuit Car will only appear in public road traffic on trailers. What a pity! Lotus should have courage to adopt some details to an Elise 'Circuit Edition'. Two further info for fellows that consider buying one come here: first, the Circuit Car is available from this year's December and, second, in a series of approximately 100 units a year. So hurry up: www.grouplotus.com

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Lotus Curcuit Car - front view

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