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An Obituary on two real ones: MG TF and Smart Roadster

The breakdown of MG Rover truly didn't come as a surprise. Only enthusiasts of cheap British cars might miss the vehicles of the make, as last years' sales point out. Together with the brand, also the last affordable British production roadster, the MG TF, disappears from the show rooms, sadly. But there's no reason for malicious delight in Germany since a restructuring programme had passed the DaimlerChrysler board. Regarding this, Smart's 3-cylinder Roadster model is going to phase out at the end of this year as well.

Means, 2005 is the year of the - perhaps temporary - end of European low-price roadsters. Yes, there are options. From France comes the Peugeot 206CC and the Germans have the Opel Tigra to serve. But these ones represent the more modern sort as both 2-seaters are equipped with retractable hardtops. People want cabrios that can be converted to coupes - demand shows it clearly. And, in this literal sense, they are indeed perfect convertibles. Who cares about roadster feeling? Is there anybody keen on it?

Today's public is much harder to please than yesterday's but someway not tough enough to enjoy previous times' enjoyments. In these times, purebred simple driving machines would be much less expensively producible, and thus more affordable, if there just were a market for them: Okay, it goes too far to blame sales only for the models' shut down as both' ends are also consequences of misguided management concerning whole brands.

But their sales have something to do with the misery though. Let's face the truth! The classic roadster concept is out, convertible coupes are en vogue. We rather come up with another point of view. Real roadsters remain what they always were: A rare pleasure. Or what about this perspective? Let's say good bye to the production models and welcome tomorrow's classics. If you want, you can have one already today - preowned or brand new, as you like it.

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