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Just a Beautiful Disguise - Wiesmann Roadster

Take a look at the photo above. What a splendid side profile! Long nose, fabric hood and declining tail, it's so nice and, very British! Err! Sorry, this one is probably more German than even Prince Harry's Nazi costume. The car's classic roadster style is just a beautiful disguise and conceals its true, Teutonic genes. On the other hand, under the skin is working exactly what drives many vehicles from Great Britain: Sophisticated technology of BMW! Mhh!? Nonetheless good preconditions for an entry in the UK market, that Wiesmann has recently dared! And the Kingdom's press was positively astonished.

The engines from Munich provide performance a cultivated way, as it was said but actually didn't come as a surprise. In contrast to sporting yet perfectly comfortable driving manners. Equipped with very flat 20inch tyres this was deemed 'alchemy' by the magazine 'evo'. [see link at the right ] Seems to make it a great cruiser however it has potential to outaccelerate many modern sports cars because Wiesmann uses Munich's 3.0l straight-six with 231 hp and the M3's marvellous 343hp power plant - as an alternative just in case moving toward even more rapidly is expected to be necessary one day.

Thanks to a weight of under 1200kg, the MF3 version achieves 100kmh in 4.9 seconds whilst its slower brother takes a second more. Not bad for a classic. Wiesmann is manufacturing the Roadster model since 1993 and has introduced a bigger Coupe derivation recently. But, because we've Summer Of The Roadster, we rather report on the open, older one that's also fitted with the latest BMW technology to make it a perfect symbiosis of nostalgic appearance and sophisticated high tech, made in Germany. Apparently there's not all too much with it that could be further enhanced, so Wiesmann may be proud enough to decorate the empty surface of the fender behind the front wheel with any nice badge - just as a suggestion in this regard!

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