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considers a roadster
but that plans have changed a bit since Wolfburg starts to face reality little by little, after last year's slightly ridiculous premium fancies.In that times, there were ideas of a light, mid-engined two-seater.

A truly interesting and sophisticated approach, but as the car is contemplated to be the entry-level convertible of the make, it just turned out all too expensive. Having realised that pretending to be premium is not enough to get any price demanded, Wolfsburg is now focusing much more on mass-produced components of the Golf and Polo line in this regard. Thus a decent roadster could be offered at the Golf GTI's rate, approximately.

And, as the new GTI, also the roadster model could shape up as one of an authentic personality, not just an open Polo, or so. Volkswagen is currently testing drive train components on several cars. Amongst them the Porsche Boxster/Cayman, but also purebred driving machines such as the Lotus Elise and reportedly even on the all-out Atom. This indicates that they mean business with their roadster concept.

The range of used engines is still speculative, but an in line-four and the compact VR6 as an option appear very probable. First sign of the new model will be, as usual, a concept car - shown on the Tokyo Motor Show. It introduces the roadster's looks on the one hand and, on the other Volkswagen's new 1.4 liter motor concept that's aspirated by turbo- and supercharger either. Generating 120hp, it could come into question for the roadster however VW is preparing stronger aggregates of that sort, so one of them is likelier.

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