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Summer Of The Roadster: Porsche Boxster by TechArt - front-right view
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Summer Of The Roadster: Porsche Boxster by TechArt - left-rear view

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Driven: The new Porsche Boxster S

It came to light as a breathtaking concept car. But the economical facts had forced Porsche to launch it as a shortened Nine Eleven. With the recent facelift, the chance on making the Boxster a visually individual car was taken. The measures do good to the entry Porsche's look, also the interior is upgraded and appears to be more valuable than the previous model's, although its silver painted standard applications* don't necessarily meet what hard to please customers might expect of a luxury automobile.

Adjusting the driver's seat reveals another detail surely not agreeable for them too. The adjustment of the seat's position in the vehicle is manually operated* which is quicker and safes the mass of two electric motors. Less is more here, well done! Starting the engine lets you know where you're in. Though it's well known that Porsche cars have the ignition lock at the left, out of habit you grab at the other side of the wheel, where it can't be found. Starting the boxer-type engine then, the flat-six' sound underlines that this one is nothing quite usual, especially as the vibrations come from behind.

Pushing the accelerator makes it pressing forward briskly. Test car was a Boxster S with 280hp, a rate that might not wow today's sports car lovers but is truly enough to provide great open-air enjoyment. And the Boxster body allows much more of it than its direct competitor's from the neighbourhood, the Mercedes SLK. Intentionally we had missed the Autobahn exit Stuttgart Zuffenhausen to pick up the test car one exit later, at the Porsche tuner TechArt. After all it looks much cooler on the photos with full aerodynamics package, 19inch rims and lowered body. Thus, the standard suspension cannot be assessed, but we wouldn't be the first to call it sporty yet fool-prove.

Altogether the new Boxster appears to be a proper roadster. It does stick out a bit of its direct rivals, although it has many of an every-day car's kilos too, but inside airflow and mid-engine provide driving experience that makes an agreeable difference. At the end of the report, we would like to hint to the images, both are available as wallpapers. And, we very much hope you agree with us in saying we were right in taking the TechArt Boxster for the photos as the two-seater Porsche is a real dream car in the tuner's trim.

* Sorry, the explanation is at the right hand next to the text

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* Wood trim and
fully electrically oper-
ated seats option-
ally available