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Summer Of The Roadster: PGO Speedster II in white and in black
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Summer Of The Roadster: PGO Speedster II in black - left-rear view

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Neoretro Roadster: P.G.O. Speedster II

Okay, we have to admit that our roadster special is very much seen through patriotic black-red-gold-tinted sunglasses, leaving many other great roadsters from other countries out. And we truly would be slightly disappointed when readers expect something different from us. But there are exceptions, just a few. Surprise, surprise: Of all nations, one comes from France. And it's a modern reinterpretation of the Porsche 356! What's up!? Yes, they have dared redesigning the classic German roadster icon. Should we really tolerate this? No! We welcome it! The original might be a classic - whereas its nickname 'bathtub' is truly no compliment for a car - though very matching in this case.

No need to look good when being fast but since previous day's benchmarks ain't amazing today, space for improvements may be used. And the Frenchmen have done it very well. Widened wheel arches add more muscles to the originally simple body shape, larger wheels underscore this athletic attitude and the modern clear glass headlights don't harm. This doesn't apply for the exterior mirrors, which are a tad too bulky. More elegant substitutes wouldn't be wrong. PGO, the manufacturer of the vehicle calls the style Neoretro and is quite right with it. At first sight, the power of the engine seems a little less. 136hp are delivered by a Peugeot 206 motor which doesn't seem breathtaking but, the Speedster II called car's weight of roughly 900kg makes it appearing in a different light. A 0-100kmh time of under seven seconds is proper.

And since acceleration isn't everything, a small windscreen betters looks and increases noticeable roadster feeling inside. Test reports on the car say suspension characteristics is very taut! But this just should be mentioned, not bashed here since the car is a roadster, no sedan. Eventually it's maybe rougher than its cute eyes suggest but the nice body and its Neoretro approach turns it into something desirable for those who want a car of traditional lines, yet stylish looks. And, if something faster is needed, PGO offers more. Labelled 180 Cevennes, the 177hp option manages the 100kmh sprint in about half a second less and 220kmh top speed should really be enough for a car like this. Apart from 18inch rims as standard, almost all kinds of extras - amongst them: A hardtop - for the Cevennes are optionally available, just as for the for the Speedster II.

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