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The Driving Machine: YES! Roadster

The YES! Roadster from Funke&Will suggests amazing acceleration. Its weight of roughly 800kg and a 1.8litre turbo engine from Volkswagen, pepped up to 286 hp, sound promising, truly. And because the manufacturer headquarters in our home state Saxony, we had agreed a test drive. The second of our SOTRO special. Bad luck that it was not only raining cats and dogs from the sky on this day but Noah's entire zoo. So we had to be contended with a few photos taken in the assembly plant although a comprehensive special including a test ride was planned. That's why we only show two pictures here, however a few photos more were taken. We'll make them public on another occasion. In numbers, because of the whether we have missed a vehicle running a standard sprint in roughly four seconds.

This rate depends on the chosen version. Besides the Roadster called edition, which is best for everyday-use, a Clubsport named model is offered also. It lacks a few features such as doors, side windows, heating and central locking to the benefit of a more dynamic character. Even faster is the track car version CUP/R that misses lamps and other things not necessarily needed for a race. The road legal models can be fitted with lots of extras. To increase suitability for daily use, automatic air condition, audio system and a hard top can be ordered as well as a case rack and two case options to store purchase or luggage. Sportive enthusiasts may rather invest on an adjustable chassis, differential lock, 4 or 6-point seat belts.

And who's particular about looks can optionally get the vehicle's mirrors, spoiler and diffusor painted in body colour, in addition to some interior trim options. Further points on the extra list, such as alarm device and park distance control, lengthen it to over 30 items. The Saxon-based car maker is currently preparing entry in the US market. And we're pretty sure the sunshine state California will love that thing. Even though the YES! is more a racer than a cruiser. Mid-engine, lightweight aluminium frame and a weight/power ratio of 2.8 kg/hp do suggest this. Furthermore, the absence of any driver assist systems is said to result in driving manners of the trickier sort which might take some time of habituation. No doubt, all specs indicate that thing is more a bike with four wheels than a car, just as a racy roadster has to be!

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