SOTRO - Summer Of The Roadster

This is the last report of our first summer special. And it was great fun for us, even though something didn't work as we wanted it to. Also it was more comprehensive than intended. Not everybody might have loved this topic but we'll soon be back with regular contents.

With the articles of the special, we've outed ourselves as hardcore roadster enthusiasts but nevertheless we here want to take precautions against being misunderstood. Because, we don't want to condemn cars with modern features such as automatic air condition, navigation system, or foldable hardtop. What we meant with our remarks regarding such features is that cars fitted with them shouldn't be called roadsters. As the term cabrio-coupe is becoming more and more widespread for such universal automobiles, we think things run in the right direction, agreeably.

five of our SOTRO protagonists

Our [ personal ] definition of a roadster is: A car that parks at best as a second car besides a modern everyday auto that includes all which makes travelling long distances more pleasant. The roadster of our definition will be used only when the weather is fine and when its owner is in the mood for a joyride in the working day's evening or springs' midday sun on a weekend. In other words, we think roadsters are intended to turn driving around into a pleasure, not to reach a distant destination a relaxed way. That is the kind of luxury having a roadster means to us. Not even heating, power windows or electric seats are needed on a car like that, actually.

This applies especially when it's taken as driving machine to have fun with on curvy country roads, since mass impairs acceleration and agility, which are important aspects in this regard. Another field might be cruisers. Here is some electric support okay, and also things that keep air stream out of the cockpit could be tolerated. Not so any kind of equipment that suggest the purpose of going from A to B, satnav for an example, or the intentional use in the wet, such as a retractable hardtop. Things like them turn it into a vehicle for everyday use, too perfect to be a hobby car. Says, Mercedes supreme SL is a great thing in our eyes and it might represent what's possible but it ain't a roadster. It's a state-of-the-art luxury cabrio-coupe. Being called so we love it very much too.

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