Volkswagen Golf Speed - rear-right view


An extra rate of 1600 Euros has to be paid for the self-combustion version. Regarding petrol motor, Wolfsburg is asking their German customers for a cheque for 30,875Euros. Actually that's much money for a Golf, but the edition's exclusivity makes sure they'll get that.

In return, buyers get a vehicle that's always remembering them of its individuality by a serial number at the sports steering wheel. And since the shimmering Lambo paint looks good inside too, a few cockpit parts are refined by a thin layer of the shiny Italian stuff. Less exciting are the alloys. Not even the wheel bolt caps painted in body colour do add remarkable zest to the silver things in double-spoke style.

Fortunately they can easily be replaced by finer ones. Maybe by chromium rims to match grille and mirror covers that are of the same coating. These things in matt black would possibly go with the sporty cars' personality as well. In any event, the standard wheels won't choke demand for the 200 units. Save as hell, the series will be sold out very soon.

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