Bentley Flying Spur - left-front view from above
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Flying Spur? This really doesn't sound as if it has something to do with a car. What's your association with it? But this nomenclature has tradition at Bentley, since the 1950's Continental 4-door version was called so, inspired by the family emblem of the erstwhile boss of the vehicle's coach builder Mulliner. Falling back on this name - despite its incomprehensible meaning -
A FEW REMARKS ON THE FLYING SPUR gives proof of Volkswagen's sense for tradition. But it slackens when it comes to money. After all the Continental Flying Spur is a VW Phaeton in disguise. Admittedly, the camouflage is one of distinction. The faults that Bentley lovers might find in a few details remain. The engine's that cranks 560bhp out is certainly not amongst those things, as it is exclusively reserved for the British cars.

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