Bentley Flying Spur - right-rear view
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In comparison to the more expensive Arnage, the Flying Spur is the more modern and perfecter car. Hardcore enthusiasts deem it too German, others may welcome the lack of any Rolls Royce analogies. Thus, also the Flying Spur is, as always with Bentley cars, a matter of taste. To Volkswagens interpretation, the Continental-series is the Mid Size Bentley.

A FEW REMARKS ON THE FLYING SPUR What does it mean? Would 'small Bentley' sound too denigrating? Also mid-size isn't something associated with the British brand. Moreover it suggests that Volkswagen considers something smaller. A Passat/ Audi A6-based car with the B-logo at the bonnet? Not only this idea sounds even less appropriate than Flying Spur, it would be sin.

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