TechArt Boxster S drifting by


Apart from a few exceptions, TechArt's press photos are taken in front of a grey wall. This might be suitable to present the latest products without any distracting details in the background, but way too many tuners have started following that trend and believe they have found good scenery in their company's yard and are way off-track indeed. TechArt might be amongst those who have got a perfectly matched scenario, but since we're a magazine more exciting photos are a must, aren't they!? That was why we dared to take pictures of moving cars for the first time.

Since PR manager Ralph Niese knows the car's behaviour much better then we do and crashing one of these beautiful cars is a sin, he did some drifts for us. The only problem was it was pretty hard to capture these shots. Shutter release delay had never been a problem for moving objects before but in this situation it was tricky because a drift is not a linear movement along one axis. More disastrous were experiments with the Speed Burst Mode. It manages three shots a second, actually a good frequency for a digital camera, but unfortunately the scene isn't displayed on the monitor.

sequence of TechArt GT Street drift shots

Understandably, it is hard to take photos of an unevenly moving object that you cannot see on the screen. Another option will display it, but that mode manages one photo less in the same time. Capturing the shot is just a matter of practice, which sadly we did not have. So we produced numerous blurred pictures of the Swabian landscape with a runway in the foreground but the car was out of sight, or running in and out of the photo. Thank god for Ralph's patience, there were some good ones in the end, showing the full vehicle including dissolving rubber. And they were worth all the trials. Hope you agree with us.

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