rear section of TechArt's GT Street with smoking tires


The first impression on country roads was that the suspension setup of the car was firm and taut due to the benefits of the sporting road manners, matching the loud exhaust sound and of course the car's performance. Whereas when we were piloted to the track by the TechArt PR manager, we were placed behind the wheel to expose ourselves to the tuned sports car's immense acceleration, after a presentation of its power with the electronic assistant systems switched off

TechArt's GT Street, side view

The GT Street naturally appreciates unleashing its full performance without any restrictions by converting tyres into white smoke, loudly begging for grip at the same time, even though the four wheel drive transmits power to both axles. But even half the GT Street's horses are too much for two tyres. For best acceleration times, the service of the traction control is consequently necessary. From a standstill to the rev range between 3000 and 4000rpm, TechArt's 911 Turbo pushes forwards incredibly but then, mainly thanks to larger turbo's, it increases performance in a way that is really hard to believe Next

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