TechArt GT Street driving by

It behaves the same in second gear. The Porsche was gorging the airfield's grey concrete with equal appetite, and again produced an astonishing raise from the mid-range.

The 911 started to eat up the runway in front of it with the ravenous hunger of a glutton after a 3-month crash diet. In the following gear, the notion rose that our physics teacher was wrong in telling us about air drag.


But because noises at the cabrio's windscreen become increasingly noticeably at higher speeds, its existence was confirmed nevertheless.That's also part of the most significant difference to last year's 600hp experience with the Kleemann E-class.

The Danish Benz was soft, comfortable and unspectac-
ular, except in braking and accelerating. And apart from a fine exhaust sound, TechArt's 911 bi- turbo boxer's tune is a symphony of another kind.

Its loud mechanical sound is accompanied by hefty wind noises - an orchestral composition that raise a sensation which makes you feel small in amongst the noise of its physical forces.

In addition to that, the car directs ones attention to its tight sport seats, as occupants get very intense contact with them at full throttle. It's really hard to find words to describe all that. Most striking would be comparing it with an open top jet fighter Next

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