TechArt GT Street driving by


But the driver only takes note of this as long as the tachometer's swivel-happy hand demands a gear change, which happens very soon. And that takes a lot of concentration. Using the sports clutch is tricky and needs precise operation. But when the right spot is hit, it's no problem - just a question of practice.

Since we could only use a section of the runway, attention was soon drawn to braking distances because the car is addicted to tarmac and ate up our part of the track. Thus we don't know which the top speed of our acceleration test was. Nonetheless, we can give away that the conflict of air and windshield gets increasingly annoying, beyond 200kmh.

TechArt GT Street standing still; left-rear view

And as 150 feels like 70kmh, the risk of underestimating the required distance to reduce speed for a U-turn at the end of the airfield seems high. Er, the TechArt accelerating machine handles braking equally masterfully. Not only does the brake lining bite disks sufficiently, immense lateral acceleration is also possible with the GT Street and allows rapid turning Next

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