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Recently we reported on the Porsche Boxster S, using a car taken from TechArt's show room. What we concealed was that the vehicle with standard power was only been taken because it perfectly met our summer special on roadsters. The Porsche tuners naturally had some other interesting things in their small but most expensively filled showroom. No problem, we were kindly allowed to pick out what we were keen to check out. So we opted, in addition to the Boxster, for a car that generates more than twice its power.

It was the fastest in the standard sprint discipline of the top speed event of the Motor Presse Stuttgart. Germany's most noted publishing house for motoring related publications annually invites the native tuning elite to prove their car's performance on the high speed circuit at Nardo, Italy. Brabus set a new world record for 4-door cars there; 350kmh. But maximum speed is not the favourite exercise of the car we've chosen since it is a convertible, which is a disadvantage in this exercise. And of course the Brabus E-class, with its V12 engine, has a clear advantage in displacement and torque.

But, as we said, not even the fastest car out of the eight contenders in the test were fast enough to beat our test car; the 600hp 911 GT Street. When it came to the standard sprint, 4.1 seconds was displayed by the stopwatch. As the event is aimed at top speed, vehicles were fitted with hard tires to bear the stress of the high velocity. Softer rubber would provide more grip and a 0-100kmh time of under for seconds would be possible. High time to check it out we thought.

And we were in luck not only because the car was fitted with the softer tyres, but we could also test it on an airfield rented by DaimlerChrysler for some trials of an unreleased model. As the DC girls and boys were kind enough to tolerate us on their territory, we naturally left the place without any spy shots, but lots of great impressions of TechArt's Porsches in our minds and, on our digital camera's memory card. The pictures can be seen in this special. A test report on the chosen GT Street, background stories about the productions and the tuner round off this year's most comprehensive feature of our mag. Have some fun!

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