Porsche 911 Cabriolet by TechArt - front-left view (click for wallpaper)


Porsche tuner TechArt presents its range for the new 997 Cabriolet. Pronounced aerodynamic parts, lower-
ing and wheels are known from the coupe version. The Press text is also mentioning an understated rear spoiler and a rear diffusor whilst the press photos don't show much of that things.

Real newness is that TechArt has engine tuning available for the 997 now. Not only for the 'open-air' model. Sports air filter and reprogrammed engine control increase performance, on the Carrera S by 20hp. More power is possible by means of a TechArt exhaust system. Various versions can be ordered.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet by TechArt - right-front view

Offers are ranging from oval-shaped dual tailpipes for the production exhaust system - which naturally don't increase power - to a throttle-controlled sport exhaust system and a complete high-performance system with manifold, sport catalysts and rear muffler. More info on this and further offers such as interior refining are available at www.TechArt.de

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