Being able to read not only magazines in English but also ones from countries where German is native language such as Switzerland and Austria is very insightful. But, sadly we can't provide each revealing newnesses from such sources in our mag - just as it certainly would take too much time for you to manage our very, very tricky language. However in some cases, you don't need to.

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The magazine Auto Motor Und Sport has two interesting sections in its website which provide great entertainment without presupposing German, necessarily. First one is the 'Erlkönig' [ Spyshot/Photoshop ] section. In this page, all pictures of that sort are shown shortly after their release in the print issue of the magazine.

The vehicle's names can be taken from the headlines beside the pictures. If you want to see a larger version of an image, click it. At the following page, click the image again and the larger pic appears in a new window. What you also need to know is how to get to the next page. But it's simple too. Just click 'weiter'. 'Zurück' means 'back'. Okay, here it comes: click..!

Second recommendation is the 'Bild des Tages' [ Picture of the Day ] page of the 'ams' website. It shows the most curious and amusing photos. By the way, none of them is published in the print version. And, most images explain itself. Click one picture to see the rest of the respective month. This is the selection page click..!

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