Audi TT Shooting Brake concept - 4 views

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> Audi were presenting the TT Shooting Brake concept on the Tokyo motor show and it is
safe as houses that they mean business with this car. With the presentation in Japan, the VW division want to check people's opinion. And responses were positive which increases the likelihood for a production. Most liked the car, even though the grille almost looks like one without the 'E' at the word's end. Another aspect is how expensive it will be.

Because there's a serious competitor. And they produce it by themselves, the A3. A 1500 Euro extra charge would be acceptable for the nicer body and a few sophisticated details. If it's going to be some more, so it's predictable that the press will bash Ingolstadt, referring to the price of the A3. But, when they'll bring it to the road, it will probably cost more than 2K over a comparable 3-door A3's price.

This will raise criticisms but won't stop any yuppies from spending a fortune for the A3 in disguise. On the other hand, the same applies for the TT coupe, and no one seems annoyed about it. Emotive design appears to be a license to print money, on the condition that the brand is cool and prestigeous enough. By the way, being of that opinion, Audi is currently thinking over one new version per model line, they say. We add: Good luck!

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