Since our last report
on the latest trends in the German tuning scene
in 2003, there wasn't really much that has changed because, trends emerge as a creeping process. Meanwhile, a few tendencies have caught on and may be called a real trend now. Besides other events, we also looked around at the Essen Motor Show in last year's December to determine what will feature the next season's award-winners in Germany. But we sadly had no time to visit Germany's most important tuning exhibition at the official press day, and so we came a few days later.

BMW 3-series by KW


Regretably, taking good photos turned out
impossible at this time since the crowd spoiled this intention which is why we fall back, besides letters, on photos from another show. The Americanisation of the tuning fashion continues. Though many trendy cars are influenced by films such as the Fast And The Furious and it sequel, the trend is no direct copy of the US scene. Some show cars are inspired by Hollywood, others by classic custom styles, such as Cal Look. Airbrushed graphics, patterns and tribals as well as two-tone paints are all the rage. Previously, that paintwork was out of fashion for decades.

And shiny wheels are hip too.
Budnik from the USA is amongst those firms that
profit from that. The expensive wheels of Löwenhart are equally popular. Eventually the Japanese rim maker is amongst a few that are capable to produce chrome-plated aluminium wheels that meet the legal standards here. Means, a two-year warranty including the winter periods. Lexani, another US brand, known for luxurious rims, was about to become a trend brand also, but deficiencies as loosening screws and chipping chromium coat have spoiled the uptrend.

Mega Subwoofer available for Mercedes SL - Design by Enes Canay

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