Suspension specialist KW System is currently attempting to launch a further tide: Scissor doors. And as the interest in the products distributed under the label Lambo Style Doors indicates, it's going to become another wide-spread measure on tuning projects at Deutschland's garages. SUVs are yet very rare there. Moreover, legislative restrictions - as with the chrome wheels - ban a frequently desired accessory, since the government plans to prohibit steel bull bars retroactively.

detail picture: wheels


Aluminium rear wings, also one of those things that became en vogue thanks to the 'Fast And Furious' films, are illegal from last year. The administration deems both the bull bars and wings too dangerous in a case of a pedestrian collision. Limits also for the rim sizes. Diameters possible in many other countries may not be fitted at the same vehicles here.

Recently we discovered a Mini Cooper with 21 inch wheels in an US American magazine. It's safe to say that this combination is impossible in Germany at the moment. Because, so far no manufacturer has managed to persuade the authorities that a flat tyre like that is capable to bear long-term Autobahn stress. In case of the Mini, 18inch is permitted. A midsize sedan such as the E-class can get at the most 20inch whilst, a bigger luxury vehicle may be decorated with wheels of one or two inches more.

Mega Subwoofer available for Mercedes SL - Design by Enes Canay

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