In the second dimension - means width -
trend, not regulations has reduced rates. Fat rims aren't a must any more. The latest designs are mostly half an inch smaller than 2003's standard proportions. And the scene welcomes the trend of saving material whose price has, as well as that for energy, increased production costs by 5 to 10%. But, of course, there is another reason for the rising interest in the smaller ones, as a smaller wheel also enables to lower a car much more. And, the rule 'the lower the better' is still in force, definetely.

Audi A4 by KW


On this sector, technical experts of the authorities appear more generous and permit oil sump killing rates, yet. But, European laws, already in effect, will change this soon too. Whilst Germany's US car freaks rebel against an authorised private service provider since it has crashed a perfectly restored 1970's Cadillac just for show, the rest seems to come to terms with regulations and inspectors, and redirect means and efforts to other things.

According to that emphasis, this year's attention getters will posses shiny wheels, not wide but large in diameter, a contrasting two-tone paint refined by a few graphical details, scissor-type doors as well as they will be strongly lowered, not only to make entering even easier. The industry observes the tides to take features over on special editions and evo versions. Many manufacturer-linked tuners such as Brabus, Lorinser or Ruf still cultivate the classic German Style and don't care all too much about this scene's fashion. But, their customers' taste is naturally influenced by such trends and so they have to follow, later.

Mega Subwoofer available for Mercedes SL - Design by Enes Canay

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