Volvo V70 by MR Sweden Motorsport - rear-right view [click to get this as a wallpaper]

The Volvo tuner adds 100 to 340Nm of the original 2.4 litre 5-cylinder diesel. Thus, the Swedish transporter goes fast, but above all it's pretty flexible. The capability of sprinting in only 4.8sec from 80 to 120kmh in fourth gear makes rapid overtaking possible.

In fifth gear, the box-shaped estate car manages this job in just 0.4 seconds more. As usual, the extra power is a result of a modified engine control. But the Volvo experts from the Baltic shore have also replaced the standard air filter and exhaust system by adapted ones.

Ten hp is the outcome of both measures, they say. Wheels, lowering and add-on parts are a matter of liking however these parts are naturally gettable at the German Volvo tuner too. If you like the unusually shaped cars from Scandinavia, this is the link to their company site:

Volvo V70 by MR Sweden Motorsport - left side view

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