Front and rear of the E-class which is more than one meter longer than the production model are largely identical to the standard vehicle, so that Lorinser's parts fit without problems. Other than the side skirts: They just had to be adapted to the longer wheel base of the Binz conversion. So Lorinser have stretched them to a suitable length. Larger wheels to match are available too. Diameters of 19 and 20 inch go together with the lengthened body and their widths enable the use of tyres wide enough to bear the increased weight.

Lorinser's turbine-style alloys look phat indeed - however they don't go with the vehicle's personality. Of course, an E-class can hardly be a sports car but a sports sedan. Not so Lorinser's E-class Sedan Long Version, it appears to be a wanna-
be sports car. Probably the luxury limo is as agile as an articulated bus. And the long roof might generate an express train's downforce what certainly supersedes trunk lid and roof spoiler. In our eyes, making a stretch limo that sporty is like joining a rowing regatta with a 300-foot-yacht. Welldone cars from Lorinser Sportservice come here:

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