Gemballa GTR 600 Gulwing - front-left view with open doors

Gemballa GTR 750 Avalanche - left-front view

We proudly pesent the latest project of Gem-
balla. A light weight 997 with 750hp click..!

Turbo Monster

This example shows that the company also knows what to do with Porsche's SUV click..!

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More can be seen at the tuner's website

Yes, this is a 996 cabriolet with scissor-type doors. Trans-
lated into the language of its creator, it's a Gemballa GTR 600 Gullwing. Since this yellow one here is a convertible, the gullwing doors are attached to the A-columns, and not as usual to the roof - because of very obvious reasons.

Would it be a gull, the bird would have serious problems with flying but fortunately, it's an earth-bound driving machine. More special than the doors itself is that it can be opened and closed by a press of a button. Says, the driver may be a weakling but have to shut the roof when wearing a toupee because the cabrio generates 600bhp.

This number also explains a further part of the vehicle's name. Gemballa claims 3.4 seconds for a sprint to 100mkh [61mph]. And to 60mph, it naturally is even faster. On the other hand, a convertible version is always a heavier option. With an electric scissor door gimmick, it's an even heavier one.

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