Gemballa GTR 600 Gullwing - rear-right view with open doors

Also, the technology concealed behind the outer skin is remarkable. Not only the engine parts are adapted to the increased performance which mainly is a result of a bi-turbo system, also the clutch is reinforced to bear the torque this Porsche cranks out.

After all 850Nm needs to be transmitted in the case of the Gemballa GTR 600. The aerodynamics parts featuring lots of air intakes and outlets respectively just mirror what's hidden under the yellow body and point out: This is no cute Grand Torismo but a spirited personality.

Who wants his/her Porsche exactly like this is certainly right in taking a look at the website of the company. The domain name is: And so you're really interested in a visit, there's an easier way to get there also. Just click

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