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Introductory Report

From 1st to 9th April this year's Automobil International is taking place in Leipzig. Again we use the event to take some photos - also because we received many praising comments for our shots of the last shows - including some guys from the PR-sector.

Over 100 cars are shown to the German public for the very first time. This underlines the national meaning of the Leipzig motor show. But, although the event is the most important auto exhibition in Germany in 2006, it unfortunately does not reach much international attention.

That is why the only real world premiere is the second generation of the radical roadster YES! On the other hand, it seems that the number of concept cars is higher than it was in the last years. At least the exhibited examples appear more interesting than that of the years before.

Nontheless, there is still a long way to go to get out of the shadow of the Genava motor show that takes place shortly before. In the next days we're going to write about some remarkable things on the Leipzig motor show. And, we also will finalise, as every year, with a big wallpaper gallery.

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