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World Premiere: YES! Roadster

Funke& Will are introducing the second generation of their YES! Roadster on the AMI. Not only the all-out runabout has a new design, it's also equipped with new engines. Basis is a V6 3.2Litre Audi motor. It is generating 255hp in the standard version. By means of a turbo charger it cranks out 100hp more. With this power plant the YES! reaches 100kph in under four seconds. That's also a result of the 6-speed box that is from Audi as well.

The all new body is looking more agreeable than the previous exterior. And Funke&Will are going to offer a hardtop for their uncompromising two-seater. We shot about 30 photos on the stand of the Saxon car manufacturer. And we did our best but the pics don't necessarily meet our standards for wallpapers. However, they're good enough to get an idea of the new YES! Check it out.

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