After an unveiling event in the evening at Berlin, Audi celebrated the world premiere of the new TT on April 6th on the AMI. So the public here are the first to see the second generation of the compact sports car in the metal. Real world premieres are something rare in Leipzig as the newnesses were usually presented on the Geneva motor show a few weeks before.

The Ingolstadt based-car maker say that the reason for the TT Coupe's premiere in Leipzig is that Germany is the most important market for the car. On the other hand, Switzerland is hardly the most important market for any model but the event just attracts much international attention which is why many world premieres take place there.

Audi kept the presentation of the TT on the AMI a secret but released a press kit on the Berlin unveiling event. That is including many pictures of the car but not really meaningful ones of the interior. So we focus on the inside of the new TT with our gallery. The dashboard appears to be a mix of German car makers' best design cues .

The instruments are tunneled as it is the case with Mercedes SL and the M-class - however this also could be said a typical feature of Alfa Romeo cars. The centre console is angled toward to the driver in the style of yesterday's BMWs. And the detailing reminds one very much of the previous TT and recent Audi models. All in all the facsia is well designed, just as the exterior.

If you want to see more we have added a link to the full press release on at the right. And, we also will publish images of the new TT in our big AMI wallpaper gallery that is to come in early May.

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