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Der neue Golf

The Golf is still number one in Germany and again in Europe but despite these top positions, it has brought trouble to its producer. The German folks arrived at the conclusion that the thing is overpriced, especially because of the fact that the air condition wasn't standard right from the start. Predecessors were bought because of their promising and highly-reputed name, but the assumption that they can demand any price for it turned out wrong with the fifth generation.

Also, the Golf MkV is far too costly produced. A sophisticated but expensive rear axle and replaceable outer skins of the doors rise costs, just for example. Both are good features however they've been perceived on the price tags only. So people weren't willing to pay for the unnoticeable or unnoticed goodies. That is why Wolfsburg prepares a comprehensive facelift to eliminate deficiencies and to turn the old one into an attractive new model. Front lights in Eos style, rear lamps like that of the Concept A, a pronounced corrugation in the side panels as well as a roof declined towards to the rear will feature the exterior design.

Because of the 4-door Golf Plus, the new Golf will be presumingly available with two doors only. That strategy is pretty chancy. Time will have to show whether people will accept that and fall for the family Golf. On the other hand, it allows putting more sportiness into the design. Many out there will appreciate this. Another frequently bashed detail was the clumsy centre console. VW are going to change this thing too. And they will throw out the multi-link rear axle as well as the repair-friendly doors to reduce costs.

In addition also tiny details such as the clamps for an interior cover will be overworked to make the car more competitive in monetary terms and to earn money on it at the same time. After all it's Wolfsburg's most important model. The translation of Volkswagen is 'people's car' and the company is doing right in paying much attention to doing justice to their name. Understanding these measures as a facelift, it would be the most comprehensive one in the model's history, but maybe VW labels it as the new Golf VI. It wouldn't be quite correct but even Merecedes are going to put a new housing on an old understructure with the upcoming next C-class Sport Coupe.

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new VW Golf - tail lights could look like that

Tail lights could look
like the Concept A's

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