Iroc - possibly the next Scirocco


Der Scirocco

Volkswagen introduce the Iroc at the Paris motor show as a concept and says it foreshadows their new Golf-based-coupe. Iroc is the middle part of 'Scirocco' what will be the name of the production model. It refers to the 1970's and 80's coupes of the house whereas there's no retro-
spective approach in the styling, it's futuristic and aggressive. The thing looks really great! Only the badges show that it is a Volkswagen. But it's okay in this case, in view of the targeted group.

With the Tiguan - Wolfsburg's new compact SUV - they will come out with another, disappoin-
tingly boring vehicle. The introductive design study Concept A showed stunning details but it seems the production model will look just like a shrunk Touareg, in contrast to the earlier ex-
pectations. In the USA they advertised the Golf GTI by talking about 'Turbo Cojones' - a good occasion to hope VW have the balls this time to put the Iroc into production without changes. Would be damn good!

Regarding engine range, there are a lot of rumours. Some sources say VW will use just four cylinder engines: Dual charged motors from 120 up to over 220hp, generated by the GTI's power plant. Other claim Wolfsburg will also use their 5 and 6-cylinder aggregates on the Scirocco, including the 300hp V6 of the upcoming Passat R36. The 200hp turbo engine of the Golf GTI is likely to be in the lineup from the start, just as a smaller option as an entry engine.

Volkswagen could additionally launch a diesel with ample power, perhaps 200hp. The interior of the concept has no chance on the standard model, except for a few details, maybe. Finally the expenses will force Volkswagen to fall back on components of the Golf and the Passat. The first Sciroccos are going to roll from the trucks to the dealers shortly after the 2007 IAA at Frankfurt. And hopefully they will look as good as the Iroc concept in Paris.

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Iroc - possibly the next Scirocco

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