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Concept Golf W12 features some cues of VW cars to come

Wolfsburg have obviously pushed back the launch date of the next Golf. Since both new CEO Herr Winterkorn and new Design boss Walter De Silva didn't like the intended look, design will be modi-
fied which also causes a delay of the vehicle's presentation.

Basically VW wanted to showcase it on the Geneva motor show next year. Reportedly the car will roll out round half a year later which could be early enough for an introduction at Paris in September. This also means that the Golf Mk VI, which actually is just a comprehensively revised edition of the recent model, won't look as we showed it in our feature on the next-generation VW 2-door cars [ Click image at the right ].

The 2009 Golf, but also future VW cars in general, are going to feature a hori-
zontal partition of the front to make them appearing broader and clearer in design. Wolfbsurg will eventually dispose of the chromium single frame grille - as they call that embarrassment. The concept Golf W12 will, of course, not be put into production, however it is foreshadowing some design approaches of VW cars to come, albeit they might not be as ostentatious on the family car as they are on the über-Golf.

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