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Italian car maker FIAT have recently introduced their retro mini car, the new 500. As with BMW's Mini, the design refers to a historical archetype. In Europe, the 500 of the 20th century was a cult car like the previous Beetle and the good old Mini. Now the Italians relaunch their cute small car and hope for the same sales pushing effect that has made the New Mini a hit. So it got an exterior that is very similar to its cute archetype - some might like the this, others won't fall for it.

More remarkable is the interior. The fascia and the seats in red, as shown on the first photos, catch the eye while eggshell-coloured plastic parts are a contrasting reminiscence of a past fashion. Yes, the standard version won't probably get this trim and FIAT might possibly ask for a surcharge for a classy interior like this one but, it seems the 500 cabin will be the best interior of any retro car. Not even cheap plastic parts could ruin it.

Thanks to the old-fashioned hue, they would rather make it more authentic, meeting what their colour suggests. In contrast to the New Mini and the New Beetle, the new FIAT 500 isn't intended to be premium by technology and materials and it ain't a problem! Engineers alone can't create a personality. It also needs the skills of stylists to design a matching 'hardware'. And when all that is well done and outstandingly unique, it could become cult, in one out of 100 cases - the FIAT 500 has at least all it takes in oneself. >

FIAT 500 in three perspectives
FIAT 500 seats

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