In Germany the Jetta is said to be a car of people who wear a hat while driving. And since the Jetta is deemed grandfather's choice, the image of the car isn't good, at any rate not young and dynamic. But, as a pre-owned vehicle, some notchback Golfs achieve a career as a tuning car.

Abt Sportsline now present how the Jetta MkV will look then, however all parts are available from now. The Kempten-based tuner offer aerodynamics parts, lowering, wheels, and exhaust components. Power upgrade for the 2.0 diesel engine is gettable too. A plus of 30hp increases the number of horses to 170.

And top speed is over 210kmh. The first 100 of them are reached during 8.6 seconds, at full throttle application. All in all these are truly interesting offers for a grandchild that got his grandpa's old Jetta as a reward for passing the driving license test.

Jetta MkV by Abt Sportsline - rear view

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